Future Technology

Don’t be afraid to use future technology. It brings a sophisticated way to nurture your customers, to avoid mistakes, to run your business smoothly. Those who use it will have an unmatched competitive advantage in the market. Let technology help us!

Future <span class="f_700">Technology</span>

Increase your profits and market share

Create unique targeted mailing campaign

Data Science should not be used only in the lab, but in the business too

Proreco is smart as well as a quite simple and modern product recommender. By using Data Science and Machine Learning we developed an extremely effective recommender for increasing your profits and market share. Let us be honest, no business wants to miss out the share of the revenue. Proreco tracks data into the past and delivers exactly what the customer wants.

Moreover, we not just analyze the history of purchase and customer behavior but also take into account complementary products. That wasn’t enough good for us and we went a step further. We have integrated Proreco with Mailchimp and have enabled a completely prepared mailing campaign. Every subscriber will get a unique and personalized recommendation in a beautiful Mailchimp form.

Pricing Model

Proreco pricing fits your business

No unexpected costs, no surprises, fully transparent

0,1 EUR per call

  • User subscription by the number of queries.
  • Suitable for clients who want to test or try the email campaign

50 EUR no limitation

  • A one-month user subscription that provides unlimited access to product recommender.
  • Suitable for clients with a large audience and a precisely segmented market

Supported Platforms